What is better than Real Time Contextual Marketing for your Business?

This is the post excerpt.


This marks the first milestone of implementing a state of the art Next Best Offer (NBO) framework which utilizes Data Mining techniques to understand customers’ needs and behaviors and decides the best offer on the fly through its real-time decision management system.

This addresses the needs of the customers in a real time, precise and personalized manner. Once customers have logged in on the website, they shall be able to see personalized offer recommendations on their dashboard! This marks an important step towards the best website designers in nigeria.

Software House in Islamabad

Since contextual marketing has been first launched on the digital channels, it will certainly enhance our customers’ digital life style. Considering that every customer is unique, we now have the capability to pitch offers based on context established by customer at the time of the purchase along with their historical spend pattern and usage. Keeping in view that this is the first release, we plan to further enhance the analytics and enrich the context in subsequent releases in future

Etechng cheap website design in nigeria has been using Technologies to the next level.They are providing service level above all competitors in the market with very high customer satisfaction rate. ikonicsolution team is taking all efforts to meet the upcoming challenges in digital life style.

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