What is Centralized Anti-Virus System ?

The anti-virus mechanism provides efficient and safe protection in a centralized manner.

Background Information

All the IP-based networks are open and vulnerable to virus attacks. The anti-virus software may stop running because of human intervention. Certain virus may automatically disable the common anti-virus software, thereby posing security threats. Therefore, the working status of the anti-virus software running on network elements must be monitored in real time.

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Centralized anti-virus management for the network can ensure timely updating of anti-virus software, monitor the working status of the anti-virus software running on the network elements, improve the anti-virus capability, and safeguard the network security.

Centralized Anti-Virus System or Server Client Model:

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The centralized anti-virus system consists of two parts, anti-virus server and anti-virus client, as shown in

Centralized anti-virus system

The anti-virus server stores the anti-virus client configuration, virus logs, and anti-virus client software and updates files. The server implements two functions:

  • Monitoring and managing the anti-virus clients
  • Automatically or manually downloading the virus database from the updating server, scanning engines, updating programs, and then sending them to the anti-virus clients

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The anti-virus clients protect computers from virus attacks. The clients implement two functions:

  • Providing three scanning methods to protect the workstation: real-time scanning, preset scanning, and manual scanning

Sending events and status information to the server, such as virus detection, starting of the client, disabling of the client, starting of scanning, and completion of updating


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