Dear Parents, Understand children understand cyberspace

  • Encouraging children have the opportunity of using the Internet to develop themselves, to develop into the next generation of digital support functions. The parents were not able to push the potential of the block and understand more of the world.
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  • The disaster known to occur in medical research for children under the age of 13 years, parents should know. To enhance safety and prevent injuries in children. Research found that the use of the Internet for several hours a day can affect physical health. ADHD brain wilt disease, obesity and heart disease.


  • Knowing and understanding of children’s rights should be protected and promoted. UNICEF who pointed out the need for more parents should understand their rights and the rights of children born to a parent. Rights of knowledge Meanwhile, children have the right to be protected from their parents as well. Especially in the digital age Parents are a crucial part of which is to protect the rights of children to be safe from Internet threats in all its forms.
  • The advanced technology, parents need to keep pace and be used as a tool to connect with the ball. The expert team of ikonicsolution Online Store Designer Islamabad is here to help you.
  • Act. That parents should know and watch the vulnerability.
  • Commentaries reminder of the dangers around them, parents unexpectedly. The statistics of missing children because parents neglect. By unique competition for depression
  • In addition, parents to be involved in finding ways to use the Internet safely and creativity of children. With an open mind and listen with open channels to get more information. And comment Parents share their experiences in the comments

We firmly believe that our society is moving towards fully digital society and the need to share and create together is strengthening immunity in digital (Digital resilience), so it must start from the parents. This is the key to a strong foundation of experience.


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