How to Plan a Core Transmission Network for any Business ?

When planning a network, you need to collect the information about sites, services, fibers, network capacity, requirements for protection, and others, and plan the network based on the collected information.

Following is the list / information that needs to be collected and purposes of the information in the operation of planning a network. Ikonicsolution Online Store Designer Islamabad is providing this information sharing


Information to be collected and purposes of the information in the network planning
Information Type Item Purpose
Site information ·         Number of service sites

·         Site location

·         Transmission distance between sites

To determine the network architecture and the scheme for configuring the equipment type at a service site
Service information ·         Traffic and traffic types between sites

·         Current service requirements

·         Expected service requirements

To determine the network architecture, service board configuration at a service station, and scheme for configuring a protection mode
Fiber information Fiber type To determine the fiber type of each site, and scheme for configuring dispersion compensation
Network capacity ·         Current network capacity

·         Expected network capacity

To determine the network architecture, and service board configuration of each service site
Protection requirements ·         Protection schemes supported by the equipment

·         Current network protection

·         Expected network protection

To determine the scheme for configuring the protection mode
Others ·         Clock requirements

·         DCN networking requirements

·         Other special function and feature requirements

·         Interconnection requirements

To determine the scheme for configuring clocks, communication protocols on the DCN, and other items that need to be planned separately

When planning the layers of the transmission network, consider the necessity to divide the network into different layers, rationality of layering the network, and functions of each layer.

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When planning network layers, adhere to the following principles:

  • Whether you need to layer the network
  • Whether your network layering is feasible
  • Functions of each layer, such as grooming, accessing, and convergence
  • Interworking with data and service networks
  • Coverage of networks and services
  • Future evolution of networks and services
  • Rationality of the capacity of each layer
  • Traffic equilibrium at each station

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