Transformation of Datacenters with shared cloud IT platform

Along with cost effectiveness the new capabilities are provided by a modern architecture and standardized solution which significantly enhances performance and delivery through real-time management, reporting and dynamic scaling of capacity. State of the art security is an integral element of the entire solution, protecting Organization’s assets and customer information without hindering daily efficiency.

As per technical experts of ikonicsolution Software House in Islamabad, the technical design provides for a possible future expansion and can easily scale across Globe, building a standardized single worldwide infrastructure.




Better, Faster, Cheaper

“This is a great example of how we by sharing investments and services across Business Units achieve both better and more cost efficient services which is at the core of Organization Global Shared Services strategy. This supports not only Organization’s Digital Service Provider ambition in the markets, but also greatly contributes to making Organization an efficient operator.  To going for virtual cloud computing would give better results along with good cooperation between involved Business Units, Group Technologies and we really look forward to continuing the work to realize the benefits of virtualization.

Although it should be taking time and having many operational challenges however the implementation and transition timing should be based on the prioritization.

ikonicsolution Web Design in Islamabad is an organization which is providing innovative IoT and virtualization services for business at very affordable rates and help the associations to achieve their targets.


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