Encourage Gender Equity through Inclusion

“Diversity is the one true thing we all have in common. Celebrate it every day.”
[Winston Churchill ]

The case for diversity & inclusion in the workplace is becoming increasingly compelling and with hard facts and data pointing toward better financial results, amongst other things, as a result of the two, it’s only natural for us to adapt to the changing landscape. ikonicsolution Web Development Company Islamabad believes that all gender diversity in an organization has proved to be the one main reason behind success.

For a truly global company like ikonicsolution, with incredibly diverse markets and customers spread out across multiple continents, diversity and inclusion is more than an accessory; it is absolutely integral to our vision of empowering societies. It is also the need of the hour as we espouse the cause of transforming into a digital services provider because, in the age of the Internet, ikonicsolution’s digital transition shall rely heavily on globally connected markets, catering to a diverse customer-base.


Taking the mission forward, ikonicsolution Software Development Company Islamabad Pakistan has decided to plan a conference in coming week on Diversity & Inclusion, inviting participation from women shattering glass ceilings, persons with disabilities breaking barriers and speakers from a variety of different academic backgrounds.

The purpose of conference would be to highlight the importance of integrating marginalized segments into the traditional workplace.

Leading ladies instead of surrendering before the mammoth catastrophes of societies took it in their stride to be an ambassador of change and positivity. Their belief in the entrepreneurial potential of the Pakistani market has helped many startups grow and expand.


In this conference we will emphasize on the importance of recruiting people from all genders, academic background, ethnicities and religions. Speaking about fostering the spirit of equity. We will present multiple examples from experiences, where rising above superficial differences was always and only the right choice to make.

Then we ll close the discussion on a positive and constructive note.


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