A Safe and Harassment Free Digital Experience is the Right of Everyone

World is focusing now on the safety in internet usage. Youngsters and children are easy target of digital or cyber bullying. Organizations in Pakistan like Telenor and ikonicsolution Web Design in Islamabad are celebrating special day to spread awareness. According to their Management,  the day we will celebrate to appreciate our relationship with our customers, and the day we will retake vows to strengthen our commitment to provide delightful moments to our customers through engaging digital products and user journeys.

Software House in Islamabad

This time around, on our quest to become customers’ favorite partner in their digital life, we are dedicating Customer First Day to the very important topic of Digital Bullying under the umbrella of Safe Internet.

Web development, designing companies Mobile and data connectivity service providers bring tremendous opportunities to people, business and societies, especially for youth who can connect, learn and avail services unimaginable only a few years ago. Such visionary firms believe in bringing Internet to all and are committed to deliver products and services that make lives smarter and easier. However, it is a pertinent fact that an overwhelming majority of an nearly 500 million children in Telenor’s markets in Asia, including Pakistan, will be accessing the Internet for the first time via mobile in subsequent years and they are a vulnerable demographic to possible cyber risks. Therefore, taking steps to prevent misuse of Internet is an important part of their effort to maximize the opportunities their services offer.


On Customer First Day, employees will go out together in regions, cities and towns across Pakistan to engage and educate customers on how to use internet responsibly.

Ikonicsolution Web Development Company Islamabad: Let’s make this day a memorable one not only for our customers but also for ourselves and continue to deliver the promise of putting customers first in everything that we do.


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