Why Diverse Team Performs Better? Are They Less Relaxed?

The case for #Diversity is compelling for a variety of reasons; however, where many of us might believe that it just feels like the right thing to do, it’s imperative to educate ourselves on why diversity is not just an adornment or the latest must-have for your corporate survival; it is deeply associated with business success. And that is why it is by no means a mere question of righteousness and business integrity. You need this! As per HybridMediaWorks Graphic Designer in Islamabad.

HBR’s piece last week on how diversity functions and feeds success not only does a great job at explaining why diversity can do wonders for your revenue, but it also sheds light on why it still seems more like a favour to many rather than being an utmost necessity.

Given the rosy picture that diversity paints, it goes without saying that companies globally are trying to recruit a more diverse workforce but somehow failing to develop the palate to appreciate the integration. That is, inherently people at large are still wired to  think that differences breed conflict. And they’re not wrong in believing that As per ikonicsolution Web Development Company Islamabad


Following multipe social experiments, we have good reason to believe that dialogue amongst homogeneous groups tends to “feel” more effective. Communication flows easily, there is less friction, lesser differences in values/language/gender/ethnicity and everything seems to fall into place quicker and hence supposedly more effectively.

However, in reality, the outcomes of these exercises demonstrate that adding an outsider to these homogeneous groups provided more valuable insights fostering far more fruitful outcomes. That means, a heterogeneous group provides more value to a process essentially because it requires more hard work experienced by HybridmediaWorks Website Designer in Islamabad


It’s called the fluency heuristic.

This can be best illustrated by an example many of you might have experienced at some point in time.

The fluency heuristic is precisely the foundation for rote-learning. We are led to believe that re-reading course material repeatedly helps us perform better at exams but a study carried out in 2011 established that studying through retrieval practice produced far greater gains in meaningful learning as opposed to the practice of rote-learning and elaborative studying.

This is how the fluency heuristic leads us to believe that flow of information fraught with friction and barriers is ineffective as opposed to one with lesser hurdles as per ikonicsolution Web Designing Company in Islamabad.

To mitigate if not entirely eliminate this misconception, it is extremely important for companies like ours, that are actively espousing the cause of diversity, to make sure it is complemented by inclusion and that both of these go hand in hand. Employees need to be educated and enlightened on why and how it makes perfect business sense. When we truly welcome and integrate a change process at the grassroot level, rather than enforcing it top-down, only then are we able to actually initiate transformation.


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