How to Make Your Team a Winning Team?

We have discussed about gender diversity and its effect on business with Ikonicsolution’s CEO of renowned Web Development Company Islamabad and as per him” We have taken many steps to make our organization gender equity example like One initiative that I want to highlight is the Women Brainwave Network (WBN). The idea for this came from women within our organization who said that they wanted to meet with other women leaders. They sought advice, inspiration and opportunities to interact and grow professionally. With the company’s goal to provide a focused leadership development and collaboration arena, a women’s network was a natural solution for ensuring a strong women leadership pipeline while providing them with a community for networking.


Further he added, we officially announced WBN, a network for women, run by women and designed by women. Women at CXO – 1 and -2 levels were invited and encouraged to use this network for growth and development, collaboration and best practice sharing, and inspiration and role modelling. Each ikonicsolution that is well known Software Development Company Islamabad, market appointed a leader for their local network and the roll-out began.

In this initiative they invited talented women leaders and together they have set their agendas and established a frequent meeting schedule. It’s been really inspiring to witness this happening from Asia all the way to Globe, and to see these leaders come together to network and inspire each other, despite their demanding jobs and hectic schedules. This is important and we are prioritizing it.

Our women’s network alone isn’t going to solve the gender balance issue in our company. But it is a step in the right direction. Talent is not gender-specific. And WBN is one of the activities that helps us widen the talent pool.


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