Business is Highly Dependent on the Network and Network Faults are Killers

The network environment is increasingly becoming complex.

The complexity of the situation is influenced by the following factors:

  • The internet provides services, such as data, voice, video and the combination of all those services.
  • New services need increasing bandwidth.
  • New technologies continue to emerge. Some examples for the technological developments are the evolution from the ten-megabit to hundred-megabit and then to the Gigabit Ethernet, the MPLS technology and overall deployment of QoS.

As suggested by ikonicSolution Software House in Islamabad , When introducing a new technology, we should also consider traditional technology.


Owing to the complex environment of converging the new and the traditional technologies, the network faults have become common. Accordingly, the fault location becomes more difficult.

In today’s technological environment, day-to-day business is highly dependent on the network. If the network fault is not rectified in time, it may lead to a disastrous situation.

It is a great challenge for both the maintenance personnel and the administrators to ensure proper functioning of the network, and also locate and rectify the fault promptly and precisely.

To meet this challenge, the maintenance personnel and the administrators must not only have a thorough understanding of the network protocol and technology but also the systematic process of troubleshooting.

The systematic process should be applied to isolate and resolve a fault or to narrow down the possible source of the fault.

As recommended by ikonicSolution  Web Development Company Islamabad Maintenance personnel and the administrator should understand the following concepts:

  • How to apply the knowledge about the network to diagnosing and removing the fault.
  • How to locate and remove the fault in the network.

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