15 Web Design Trends would Rock in 2018

Such futuristic design will be one of the new trends in 2018

Thanks E-tech NG IT Solutions and leading Web Design company abuja Nigeria for providing this valuable information to us.


2018 will be a colorful and dynamic year

1 Futuristic design

This year’s shell assault team brought two design wave

First, the art of failure, the second is the future design

Scrolling numbers, robots, pulsed light …….

Such futuristic design will be one of the new trends in 2018

Thanks E-tech NG IT Solutions and leading Web Design company abuja Nigeria for providing this valuable information to us.


2 less is more

This is an eternal trend

Simple design, clean page, comfortable blank

More suitable mobile terminal and web page design



3 Increase visual depth

In traditional graphic design

Use a little shadow to make the product more visual and three-dimensional


4 Responsive LOGO

Brand more and more in the mobile Internet publicity show

To 2018, LOGO on the mobile terminal, webpage

There will be more dynamic image design


5 Custom illustration

In addition to responsive LOGO

The brand adds more creative illustrations in its own channels

Integration of brand IP, with a more humane image and customer communication


6 Dynamic design

With the GIF social explosion, the animation is getting bigger and bigger online.

DEM, APP start page, facial expression package will be more and more important

Miniature animation

Will make the presentation more interesting


7 Gradient color

This trend, I do not winded

There are so many examples


8 3D design style

There are several 3D design styles

The first is a fake 3D effect


The second is the touch 3D

Using metal elements to design a very tactile 3D

For example, the following two pictures do not seem to be more like photographic works


The third is to use one color of 3D

2D monochrome background

Use depth and shadow techniques to tease the viewer’s eyes.


9 Vintage color

Eighties and nineties colors and patterns will be

Return with intense pink and sharp contrasts


Do not worry these colors will look old and earthy

It may be very tide ~


10 Large font

Large fonts are catching in 2018.


11 Creative typography

Only imagination will limit your design


12 Particle background

Particles + simple dynamic, it will be easier to attract everyone’s attention oh ~


13 Leave blank

Blank is not exclusive to Japan design

The advantage of the blank itself is better to show the picture core

Enhance core content by using colors and shapes


14 Multi-color applications

You do not have to worry about color, use two colors will make people feel very pretty

Bold use of high-saturation colors, vitality and dazzle is the focus


15 icons

In addition to brand LOGO,

Brand Design also need a number of interesting Icons to assist

Monochrome icons and icons on the line or strong add embellishment of color patches


The impact of mobile Internet elements on design is getting bigger and bigger in 2017,

The trend of 2018 will continue this trend,

And these trends are spreading beyond the Internet.

As per Web Designers Nigeria can not just look at the static design,

May wish to think more about how to make the brand move.


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Business is Highly Dependent on the Network and Network Faults are Killers

The network environment is increasingly becoming complex.

The complexity of the situation is influenced by the following factors:

  • The internet provides services, such as data, voice, video and the combination of all those services.
  • New services need increasing bandwidth.
  • New technologies continue to emerge. Some examples for the technological developments are the evolution from the ten-megabit to hundred-megabit and then to the Gigabit Ethernet, the MPLS technology and overall deployment of QoS.

As suggested by ikonicSolution Software House in Islamabad , When introducing a new technology, we should also consider traditional technology.


Owing to the complex environment of converging the new and the traditional technologies, the network faults have become common. Accordingly, the fault location becomes more difficult.

In today’s technological environment, day-to-day business is highly dependent on the network. If the network fault is not rectified in time, it may lead to a disastrous situation.

It is a great challenge for both the maintenance personnel and the administrators to ensure proper functioning of the network, and also locate and rectify the fault promptly and precisely.

To meet this challenge, the maintenance personnel and the administrators must not only have a thorough understanding of the network protocol and technology but also the systematic process of troubleshooting.

The systematic process should be applied to isolate and resolve a fault or to narrow down the possible source of the fault.

As recommended by ikonicSolution  Web Development Company Islamabad Maintenance personnel and the administrator should understand the following concepts:

  • How to apply the knowledge about the network to diagnosing and removing the fault.
  • How to locate and remove the fault in the network.

How to Make Your Team a Winning Team?

We have discussed about gender diversity and its effect on business with Ikonicsolution’s CEO of renowned Web Development Company Islamabad and as per him” We have taken many steps to make our organization gender equity example like One initiative that I want to highlight is the Women Brainwave Network (WBN). The idea for this came from women within our organization who said that they wanted to meet with other women leaders. They sought advice, inspiration and opportunities to interact and grow professionally. With the company’s goal to provide a focused leadership development and collaboration arena, a women’s network was a natural solution for ensuring a strong women leadership pipeline while providing them with a community for networking.


Further he added, we officially announced WBN, a network for women, run by women and designed by women. Women at CXO – 1 and -2 levels were invited and encouraged to use this network for growth and development, collaboration and best practice sharing, and inspiration and role modelling. Each ikonicsolution that is well known Software Development Company Islamabad, market appointed a leader for their local network and the roll-out began.

In this initiative they invited talented women leaders and together they have set their agendas and established a frequent meeting schedule. It’s been really inspiring to witness this happening from Asia all the way to Globe, and to see these leaders come together to network and inspire each other, despite their demanding jobs and hectic schedules. This is important and we are prioritizing it.

Our women’s network alone isn’t going to solve the gender balance issue in our company. But it is a step in the right direction. Talent is not gender-specific. And WBN is one of the activities that helps us widen the talent pool.

Why Diverse Team Performs Better? Are They Less Relaxed?

The case for #Diversity is compelling for a variety of reasons; however, where many of us might believe that it just feels like the right thing to do, it’s imperative to educate ourselves on why diversity is not just an adornment or the latest must-have for your corporate survival; it is deeply associated with business success. And that is why it is by no means a mere question of righteousness and business integrity. You need this! As per HybridMediaWorks Graphic Designer in Islamabad.

HBR’s piece last week on how diversity functions and feeds success not only does a great job at explaining why diversity can do wonders for your revenue, but it also sheds light on why it still seems more like a favour to many rather than being an utmost necessity.

Given the rosy picture that diversity paints, it goes without saying that companies globally are trying to recruit a more diverse workforce but somehow failing to develop the palate to appreciate the integration. That is, inherently people at large are still wired to  think that differences breed conflict. And they’re not wrong in believing that As per ikonicsolution Web Development Company Islamabad


Following multipe social experiments, we have good reason to believe that dialogue amongst homogeneous groups tends to “feel” more effective. Communication flows easily, there is less friction, lesser differences in values/language/gender/ethnicity and everything seems to fall into place quicker and hence supposedly more effectively.

However, in reality, the outcomes of these exercises demonstrate that adding an outsider to these homogeneous groups provided more valuable insights fostering far more fruitful outcomes. That means, a heterogeneous group provides more value to a process essentially because it requires more hard work experienced by HybridmediaWorks Website Designer in Islamabad


It’s called the fluency heuristic.

This can be best illustrated by an example many of you might have experienced at some point in time.

The fluency heuristic is precisely the foundation for rote-learning. We are led to believe that re-reading course material repeatedly helps us perform better at exams but a study carried out in 2011 established that studying through retrieval practice produced far greater gains in meaningful learning as opposed to the practice of rote-learning and elaborative studying.

This is how the fluency heuristic leads us to believe that flow of information fraught with friction and barriers is ineffective as opposed to one with lesser hurdles as per ikonicsolution Web Designing Company in Islamabad.

To mitigate if not entirely eliminate this misconception, it is extremely important for companies like ours, that are actively espousing the cause of diversity, to make sure it is complemented by inclusion and that both of these go hand in hand. Employees need to be educated and enlightened on why and how it makes perfect business sense. When we truly welcome and integrate a change process at the grassroot level, rather than enforcing it top-down, only then are we able to actually initiate transformation.

A Safe and Harassment Free Digital Experience is the Right of Everyone

World is focusing now on the safety in internet usage. Youngsters and children are easy target of digital or cyber bullying. Organizations in Pakistan like Telenor and ikonicsolution Web Design in Islamabad are celebrating special day to spread awareness. According to their Management,  the day we will celebrate to appreciate our relationship with our customers, and the day we will retake vows to strengthen our commitment to provide delightful moments to our customers through engaging digital products and user journeys.

Software House in Islamabad

This time around, on our quest to become customers’ favorite partner in their digital life, we are dedicating Customer First Day to the very important topic of Digital Bullying under the umbrella of Safe Internet.

Web development, designing companies Mobile and data connectivity service providers bring tremendous opportunities to people, business and societies, especially for youth who can connect, learn and avail services unimaginable only a few years ago. Such visionary firms believe in bringing Internet to all and are committed to deliver products and services that make lives smarter and easier. However, it is a pertinent fact that an overwhelming majority of an nearly 500 million children in Telenor’s markets in Asia, including Pakistan, will be accessing the Internet for the first time via mobile in subsequent years and they are a vulnerable demographic to possible cyber risks. Therefore, taking steps to prevent misuse of Internet is an important part of their effort to maximize the opportunities their services offer.


On Customer First Day, employees will go out together in regions, cities and towns across Pakistan to engage and educate customers on how to use internet responsibly.

Ikonicsolution Web Development Company Islamabad: Let’s make this day a memorable one not only for our customers but also for ourselves and continue to deliver the promise of putting customers first in everything that we do.

Encourage Gender Equity through Inclusion

“Diversity is the one true thing we all have in common. Celebrate it every day.”
[Winston Churchill ]

The case for diversity & inclusion in the workplace is becoming increasingly compelling and with hard facts and data pointing toward better financial results, amongst other things, as a result of the two, it’s only natural for us to adapt to the changing landscape. ikonicsolution Web Development Company Islamabad believes that all gender diversity in an organization has proved to be the one main reason behind success.

For a truly global company like ikonicsolution, with incredibly diverse markets and customers spread out across multiple continents, diversity and inclusion is more than an accessory; it is absolutely integral to our vision of empowering societies. It is also the need of the hour as we espouse the cause of transforming into a digital services provider because, in the age of the Internet, ikonicsolution’s digital transition shall rely heavily on globally connected markets, catering to a diverse customer-base.


Taking the mission forward, ikonicsolution Software Development Company Islamabad Pakistan has decided to plan a conference in coming week on Diversity & Inclusion, inviting participation from women shattering glass ceilings, persons with disabilities breaking barriers and speakers from a variety of different academic backgrounds.

The purpose of conference would be to highlight the importance of integrating marginalized segments into the traditional workplace.

Leading ladies instead of surrendering before the mammoth catastrophes of societies took it in their stride to be an ambassador of change and positivity. Their belief in the entrepreneurial potential of the Pakistani market has helped many startups grow and expand.


In this conference we will emphasize on the importance of recruiting people from all genders, academic background, ethnicities and religions. Speaking about fostering the spirit of equity. We will present multiple examples from experiences, where rising above superficial differences was always and only the right choice to make.

Then we ll close the discussion on a positive and constructive note.