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Ikonicsolution Software Development Company Islamabad is a responsible organization which is trying to promote child online safety wherever it operates. This is a survey to determine how digital or cyber bullying is perceived and experienced by you, your child or a child you know. The results will help improve Ikonicsolution’s efforts in empowering children to make smart online choices and take appropriate action if needed.

The survey is fully anonymous and nothing can link back to you as an individual. We will not process any personal data – only accumulated results from several respondents in your country. These results may be published in different media. Ikonicsolution Web Development Company Islamabad is your partner for better lifestyle in this digital world.

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Transformation of Datacenters with shared cloud IT platform

Along with cost effectiveness the new capabilities are provided by a modern architecture and standardized solution which significantly enhances performance and delivery through real-time management, reporting and dynamic scaling of capacity. State of the art security is an integral element of the entire solution, protecting Organization’s assets and customer information without hindering daily efficiency.

As per technical experts of ikonicsolution Software House in Islamabad, the technical design provides for a possible future expansion and can easily scale across Globe, building a standardized single worldwide infrastructure.




Better, Faster, Cheaper

“This is a great example of how we by sharing investments and services across Business Units achieve both better and more cost efficient services which is at the core of Organization Global Shared Services strategy. This supports not only Organization’s Digital Service Provider ambition in the markets, but also greatly contributes to making Organization an efficient operator.  To going for virtual cloud computing would give better results along with good cooperation between involved Business Units, Group Technologies and we really look forward to continuing the work to realize the benefits of virtualization.

Although it should be taking time and having many operational challenges however the implementation and transition timing should be based on the prioritization.

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How to Plan a Core Transmission Network for any Business ?

When planning a network, you need to collect the information about sites, services, fibers, network capacity, requirements for protection, and others, and plan the network based on the collected information.

Following is the list / information that needs to be collected and purposes of the information in the operation of planning a network. Ikonicsolution Online Store Designer Islamabad is providing this information sharing


Information to be collected and purposes of the information in the network planning
Information Type Item Purpose
Site information ·         Number of service sites

·         Site location

·         Transmission distance between sites

To determine the network architecture and the scheme for configuring the equipment type at a service site
Service information ·         Traffic and traffic types between sites

·         Current service requirements

·         Expected service requirements

To determine the network architecture, service board configuration at a service station, and scheme for configuring a protection mode
Fiber information Fiber type To determine the fiber type of each site, and scheme for configuring dispersion compensation
Network capacity ·         Current network capacity

·         Expected network capacity

To determine the network architecture, and service board configuration of each service site
Protection requirements ·         Protection schemes supported by the equipment

·         Current network protection

·         Expected network protection

To determine the scheme for configuring the protection mode
Others ·         Clock requirements

·         DCN networking requirements

·         Other special function and feature requirements

·         Interconnection requirements

To determine the scheme for configuring clocks, communication protocols on the DCN, and other items that need to be planned separately

When planning the layers of the transmission network, consider the necessity to divide the network into different layers, rationality of layering the network, and functions of each layer.

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When planning network layers, adhere to the following principles:

  • Whether you need to layer the network
  • Whether your network layering is feasible
  • Functions of each layer, such as grooming, accessing, and convergence
  • Interworking with data and service networks
  • Coverage of networks and services
  • Future evolution of networks and services
  • Rationality of the capacity of each layer
  • Traffic equilibrium at each station

Digital Brand Designing… successful model for 2020 decade

There are many corporate companies which are working worldwide and having number of business units in different countries. So for such operating models brand designers are selected keeping in mind requirement for all. Thus the frame agreement is required with service provider which is in favor of the companies working in worldwide. Frame Agreement means that all subsidiaries of any XYZ company i.e ikonicsolution Digital Marketing in Islamabad other units operating in different countries, can make use of that service provider expertise. All BUs can also leverage this agreement by needs.

One such example is Anti Design which has taken over from London based Pajama, which was Telenor Group’s lead design agency for nine years until April this year.
In branding some are lead agencies which have sublet the services to sister small agencies like ikonicsolution Online Store Designer Islamabad . Such way of working also represents a step-up in design focus across new verticals and businesses. Ikonic strong digital experience and design knowledge will give customers new perspectives for further work on all their brands – global and local, products, services as well as their new strategic verticals

ikonicsolution support design agency In addition to Designing Company as the lead, organizations also sign frame agreement with supporting companies to support design agency. Especially in the field of creative and communications campaign. this scope has now been extended to include brand design. It would be good move if service providers are also based on same countries where business unit is so that branding process can be speed up.

Dear Parents, Understand children understand cyberspace

  • Encouraging children have the opportunity of using the Internet to develop themselves, to develop into the next generation of digital support functions. The parents were not able to push the potential of the block and understand more of the world.
  • Digital Marketing in Islamabad is providing this information to you.
  • The disaster known to occur in medical research for children under the age of 13 years, parents should know. To enhance safety and prevent injuries in children. Research found that the use of the Internet for several hours a day can affect physical health. ADHD brain wilt disease, obesity and heart disease.


  • Knowing and understanding of children’s rights should be protected and promoted. UNICEF who pointed out the need for more parents should understand their rights and the rights of children born to a parent. Rights of knowledge Meanwhile, children have the right to be protected from their parents as well. Especially in the digital age Parents are a crucial part of which is to protect the rights of children to be safe from Internet threats in all its forms.
  • The advanced technology, parents need to keep pace and be used as a tool to connect with the ball. The expert team of ikonicsolution Online Store Designer Islamabad is here to help you.
  • Act. That parents should know and watch the vulnerability.
  • Commentaries reminder of the dangers around them, parents unexpectedly. The statistics of missing children because parents neglect. By unique competition for depression
  • In addition, parents to be involved in finding ways to use the Internet safely and creativity of children. With an open mind and listen with open channels to get more information. And comment Parents share their experiences in the comments

We firmly believe that our society is moving towards fully digital society and the need to share and create together is strengthening immunity in digital (Digital resilience), so it must start from the parents. This is the key to a strong foundation of experience.

What is Centralized Anti-Virus System ?

The anti-virus mechanism provides efficient and safe protection in a centralized manner.

Background Information

All the IP-based networks are open and vulnerable to virus attacks. The anti-virus software may stop running because of human intervention. Certain virus may automatically disable the common anti-virus software, thereby posing security threats. Therefore, the working status of the anti-virus software running on network elements must be monitored in real time.

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Centralized anti-virus management for the network can ensure timely updating of anti-virus software, monitor the working status of the anti-virus software running on the network elements, improve the anti-virus capability, and safeguard the network security.

Centralized Anti-Virus System or Server Client Model:

Web Development in Islamabad

The centralized anti-virus system consists of two parts, anti-virus server and anti-virus client, as shown in

Centralized anti-virus system

The anti-virus server stores the anti-virus client configuration, virus logs, and anti-virus client software and updates files. The server implements two functions:

  • Monitoring and managing the anti-virus clients
  • Automatically or manually downloading the virus database from the updating server, scanning engines, updating programs, and then sending them to the anti-virus clients

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The anti-virus clients protect computers from virus attacks. The clients implement two functions:

  • Providing three scanning methods to protect the workstation: real-time scanning, preset scanning, and manual scanning

Sending events and status information to the server, such as virus detection, starting of the client, disabling of the client, starting of scanning, and completion of updating

What is better than Real Time Contextual Marketing for your Business?

This is the post excerpt.

This marks the first milestone of implementing a state of the art Next Best Offer (NBO) framework which utilizes Data Mining techniques to understand customers’ needs and behaviors and decides the best offer on the fly through its real-time decision management system.

This addresses the needs of the customers in a real time, precise and personalized manner. Once customers have logged in on the website, they shall be able to see personalized offer recommendations on their dashboard! This marks an important step towards the best website designers in nigeria.

Software House in Islamabad

Since contextual marketing has been first launched on the digital channels, it will certainly enhance our customers’ digital life style. Considering that every customer is unique, we now have the capability to pitch offers based on context established by customer at the time of the purchase along with their historical spend pattern and usage. Keeping in view that this is the first release, we plan to further enhance the analytics and enrich the context in subsequent releases in future

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